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Why Corona Virus Negaters Are Like Bad Writers

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Why Corona Virus Negaters Are Like Bad Writers

One thing that I’ve seen over and over and over during the years that I have been writing is people who attend writing classes but when it’s about learning something new (which means changing what they’ve done so far) they start all kinds of discussions why they need to keep doing what they’ve been doing so far.

Which makes me wonder a couple of things.

Why do they attend a writing class and then are so adamant about hindering their progress? Isn’t that what they were there for?

What was their expectation about what was going to happen in the class? That the teacher would say, “oh, you’re already a great writer, you don’t need to learn anything?”

I get where the resistance to learning new things comes from. They’ve been doing their writing in the way they thought it has to be done, based on their view of how it should be done (for whatever reason), what someone else might have told them, or maybe based on some kind of fantasy that they have about what the writing life is like.

So, when they go to a writing class and the teacher asks them to change something that doesn’t fit with their fantasy in their head, or is something they cannot reconcile with their view of how things should be done and why they try to argue about it.

It’s like people pretending as if there weren’t any corona virus. An event happened that doesn’t fit their view of how things should be or how they can be explained easily, and so they invent explanations based on their fantasies or world views that fit their world view better than the ones given.


You won’t learn if you’re not willing to change and challenge your views about yourself and the world.

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