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Answer Your Questions

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Answer Your Questions

I carried a question around with me for at least the last month or so.

I was nearing a deadline and I had to make a decision.

But I was unable to.

And the nearer I got to the deadline, the more stressful it got for me not having an answer to this question.

Until at some point I couldn’t hold it off any further and I was forced to decide one way or the other.

Future will tell if the decision was the right one, but that’s beside the point.

The point is that the moment you make a decision your mind calms down. Because now it’s not a question anymore, it’s an answer.

To be honest, I think in most cases it doesn’t even matter that much which way you decide. We tend to think that we can’t overturn decisions if we change our mind later, and that’s true for some of them. But not for most of them.

So, anyway. The point is, carrying a question around with you costs you time, focus and energy.

And it distracts you from other things you have to do (or want to do).

So, in most cases it’s better to get to a decision fast, no matter which way you decide. We don’t know the future and we don’t know how things would have turned out the other way.

But if you decide quickly what you gain is energy to keep going. The question doesn’t hold you back anymore.

Freeing up headspace is an important part of allowing inspiration to strike.

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