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How To Make Tasks Ridiculously Simple

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How To Make Tasks Ridiculously Simple

You know that feeling, right?

You sit down to write, or to work on something else, and you’re just struggling with moving forward. The work you do seems hard, it doesn’t flow and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

What often happens when we write or work on other stuff is, that we are way ahead with our thoughts, thinking about things, or worrying about things that are not – or not yet – relevant.

An example.

You work on your script or book on a specific part and it’s just hard, you can’t seem to make any progress.

That may be because while you’re writing you’re also trying to solve other things at once, e.g. you’re trying to write “well”, you’re thinking about what others will say about that, you’re thinking about if the pieces will fit together in the end, you’re thinking about new story problems that turn up and so on and so forth.

If that happens, what you’re doing is you’re mixing up different processes and try to solve them at once.

Most of what we write doesn’t have to be in a brilliant quality at the time that we write our draft (that’s why it’s called “draft”), nor does it have to solve all the problems at once.

Just take it once step at a time.

If writing a sentence is hard, ask yourself, why that is? I’m sure 99% of the time you’re making your task more complicated than it actually is.

Everything is simple to do if you just make the steps small enough.

So, next time when you’re struggling, try to focus on this:

“Just write one sentence.” That’s it.

Write one sentence, and then write the next one. Easy peasy. 

It won’t be the most brilliant sentence in the world, but who cares. You have to go over it again and again anyway, so just keep moving your fingers.

Or, if you’re in the rewriting process, in order to make it easier for you, you could say to yourself:

“Just make one sentence better.” Or: “Just solve one story problem”.

And then the next one.

If you’re trying to work on the whole all the time you overwhelm yourself.

But if you break it down to the most simple thing that you need to do NEXT, you free yourself up to create because the other stuff is not important in that moment right now.

You can come back to it later when the time comes to fix it.

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