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I Hate Doing That

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I Hate Doing That

Writer’s Life.

I think everyone of us has a vision of how their own writer’s life should look like.

But in this vision we tend to see only the beautiful things about it and not the whole picture.

That’s okay, because we also have this vision to keep us motivated, right?

But let’s talk about the things we don’t like doing for a second here.

Most of the time, the things we don’t like to do are not a big thing. Very rarely they are but most of them aren’t.

But what happens if they interrupt our life?

Maybe we complain, maybe we squirm, maybe we get angry, maybe we postpone it, …

Everybody reacts differently.

The things we don’t like doing constantly demand our focus. They keep calling us. They’re constantly in the back of our mind.

And we keep reminding ourselves how little we like doing them.

And then we push them back once more, but there’s still that little voice in our head that we should take care of them.

You see what happens here?

Our focus is constantly on it. It’s a constant reinforcement of that we don’t want to take care of it.

Do you think you can be totally creative and inspired during that time?

How could you. Your mind is distracted.

So, as uncomfortable as it sounds, it’s best to get the things we avoid done as fast as possible.

You need to get them out of your system so you’re free to focus on the stuff that really matters.

Don’t block your inspiration with things that need very little time and attention to get done. You just need to overcome your reluctance.

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