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The Whisper That Sneaks Up On You

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The Whisper That Sneaks Up On You

When I scrolled through my LinkedIn feed yesterday I saw a short clip of an interview with Steven Spielberg.

And whatever you think about him or the kinds of movies he makes, I think not many people would dispute that he has become one of the most influential people in Hollywood.

What he basically said was, your ability to find out what your dreams are depends on your ability to listen.

He goes, on, because dreams are not obvious to you. They whisper to you and sneak up on you from behind.

So if you don’t listen, you don’t notice them.

And you might keep running around in circles, confused about what to do and not to do, trying to escape the mind race. (Those are my words, not his).

It’s the same with inspiration. And in a way you could say that inspiration has a lot to do with your dreams.

So, in order to find that stillness in which you realize what your dreams are and give inspiration a chance to shine, you need to learn to get rid of the noise.

It’s not an overnight thing, but everybody can learn it.

If you want regular techniques and follow the steps to get rid of the noise in your life:

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