Bela Lampert

Optioned Screenwriter / Yoga Instructor

Micro Writing

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Micro Writing

Let’s face it. 

Writing is like a puzzle with a trillion pieces.

And all of them need to fit together well to create a great story.

And a lot of them need a lot of attention, thinking and quite a bit of time.

That’s where “being in the zone” comes in handy and helps us being more creative.

But not all tasks are like that.

Writing also consists of hundreds or maybe thousands of little steps that are stupidly simple. But still, we have to do them.

So, in order to make the best of your most creative or most inspired time (whenever that is for you), it’s a good practice to make a list of little tasks that also need to be done but not right now in this moment.

You can postpone them for later and do that at a time where you’re less inspired without any problem. 

Because they don’t demand a lot of attention.

Things like:

  • formatting
  • weeding out notes or lists
  • copying information from one place to another
  • sorting your folders and getting rid of all these old drafts that you don’t need anymore

You get the point.

These things are what I call micro writing.

Each one of those steps probably doesn’t need more than a couple of minutes.

But if you do all of them at your most inspired time they suck the inspiration right out of you.

Because actually they are quite dull.


Put them all on a to do list and when you have a couple of minutes to spare, every now and then (or when you’re really tired but you still want to invest a little in getting ahead with your script or book), just take one of those tasks and do it.

It will make you so much more productive and inspired at the time when you can write at your best.

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