Bela Lampert

Optioned Screenwriter / Yoga Instructor

The Shortcut Is Not Using Shortcuts

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The Shortcut Is Not Using Shortcuts

Many people look for shortcuts.

All the time.

They’re obsessed with saving themselves work, finding that magic bullet that will turn them into a financial success over night.

So they try this and try that, they keep looking all over the internet, they follow so-called gurus who claim to have done it.

Trying to find a loophole, getting an advantage over others.

They are so obsessed with sparing themselves work that they don’t realize how much time and energy they are putting into that.

If they were to pause for a moment and look back, how much of their life they already wasted on that, they might realize that they’d be better off changing their tactics.

Why not listening to themselves and find something that they are passionate about.

Create something.

The thing is, when you’re passionate about something, most likely you keep doing it. Because you like it.

And most likely, if you keep doing something over and over and over… guess what…

… you become good at it.

In fact, if you’re doing something for enough time, it’s very hard NOT to get good at it.

You might not be the best person at that in the world, (or maybe you will) but definitely will know a helluva lot more about it than all the procrastinators and the people just looking for shortcuts.

And guess what, if you like doing it, it won’t feel like work.

So, the fastest way to get good at something is to stop trying to find the fastest way to get good at something and just keep doing it.

And have fun along the way.

You know how to make it even more fun?

Subscribe to my monthly, paid "Inspiration Now!" Newsletter: