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Here Comes The Lesson

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Here Comes The Lesson

Not everything goes according to our plans all the time. Every now and then something happens that seems to be a setback, a failure, a bad turn of events, call it what you want.

It’s one of those things that worry us because they don’t fit our fantasy of how things should go.

This can be a rejection of a project of yours, maybe even after it looked so good and it went forward very well.

Or a sudden change of circumstances at your workplace that you don’t like.

A fight with a friend.

Encountering unexpected story problems that seem to pull everything in question.

Whatever it might be, our usual reaction might be to react very negatively to that event. To complain, be angry about the circumstances, maybe even blame someone.

But very often (I’m not saying in 100% of the cases, although we probably will never know) these things either turn out to be positive in some way because the change leads us to a better place, or at least we learn something valuable through it.

Or, maybe the problem resolves itself quicker and easier than we first thought, which makes all the anger and energy spent on complaining absolutely useless.

It’s a good emotional exercise to try to see seemingly unfortunate turns of events as just what they are: changes circumstances nothing more.

The negative aspect about them comes from our mind racing forward to the future and expecting that something bad will come out of this.

So, don’t let it. Accept the change and see where it leads you.

Seemingly unfortunate changes are often a lesson or positive changes in disguise. Not always, but more often than we might think.

Letting things go the way they go anyway and not trying to control every aspect of our lives also makes it easier to stay calm and inspired.

Most problems solve itself, so don’t let your anger and worries take away your inspiration. 

Keep creating!

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