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Stick To Your Own Rules

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Stick To Your Own Rules

A couple of years ago I had a rough time.

I couple of things happened in my life that led me into emotional turmoil and it was of little surprise that this started to affect my health soon.

I was exhausted and I needed to take care of myself.

So, I did that.

I abandoned all unnecessary things for a while (also writing to be honest – at least for some time) and my only focus was on regaining strength and getting my life into balance again.

And over time it worked. I feel much better now and I am a way happier person also.

Going through all that made me learn a couple of important lessons about life and about myself.

And while I could go on talking about several of those things at length, there’s a specific point I want to talk about today.

Because when we feel unwell, it’s kind of easy to realize that self-care is necessary and we understand that we need to focus on that. Because the pain is big enough.

But after some time when we get better, we tend to forget about all that (which in part is good because it doesn’t help anyone carrying around bad feelings forever), and we start to lose our balance again.

When we feel good it’s tempting to abandon our diet plans, do less exercise, overextend ourselves again, fall back into the same bad habits we had before.

And in part that’s normal. 

Maintaining equilibrium doesn’t come without effort. If you try to balance on a slack line, you need to make an effort in order to not fall off.

And as I said before, carrying the negative experience from bad times around doesn’t help either.

But there’s another thing you can do.

It’s okay to remember the bad times because they shaped us the way we are right now and they made us learn important lessons.

So what you can do is, think back to times when you didn’t feel well and think about the things that got you back into equilibrium. But don’t let the pain that you felt back then overwhelm you again.

Instead, try to find gratefulness for the situation you are in right now and for what you’ve learned going through that time.

And be thankful that you’re better now and that you can keep doing the things that got you back to your equilibrium, but not out of pain but out of the joy of being better and taking care of yourself.

An Equilibrium is easier maintained once you have it, than regained when you got out of it.

And, by the way, the feeling of gratefulness can be a real “inspiration-booster” because is makes you appreciate what you have instead of focusing on on negativity.

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