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Living The Dream

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Living The Dream

A couple of years back… A lot of years back actually… I got a new job at a video production company.

It consisted basically of taking care of all the productions, with strong focus on the post production side.

When I told that to a friend of mine, she said, “oh, great, that’s what you always wanted.”

First I was a little confused why she would say that until she told me that apparently a few years back I had told her that that was the job I was aiming for some time in the future.

Turned out, I was living my dream from earlier and I didn’t realize it.

This happens a lot more than we are aware. Because the moment we reach the dream, our head is already full of so much stuff that we also want to have, that we don’t even see that we’ve now reached a point in our lives that was an important goal for us at some time.

Which gives us two things to think about:

One, the moment we realize we’re living an earlier dream of ours, we can at least take a moment and be thankful that event fell into place the way that made us reach that goal.

We should take a look back and realize that our goals are achievable if we go at them with intention.

But two, it is also a good point to reflect on the reality of that dream. Is it really the way we envisioned it to be? Do we still want that dream? Are there certain things about that life that we envisioned that did or did not turn out to be true?

And do we still want to pursue that road or do we realize that our dream was not really what we wanted because we had wrong ideas about it?

In any way, it is a good model to follow for future dreams. Maybe we have wrong assumptions about future dreams as well. Is there a way to find out about that before putting a lot of work and time into reaching that dream?

Whatever the case, it’s good to take a moment of thankfulness that we’ve come to where we are. Goals are good, but constantly chasing them makes us lose the inspiration of the moment.

And thankfulness can be a real “inspiration booster” if you give it the place to show up.

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