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Of Mice And Scientists

Of Mice And Scientists

A scientist puts a bell inside a cage with a mouse and only gives it something to eat when it rings the bell.

After some time it works and he brags in front of another scientist.

He says, “I trained the mouse. In order to get something to eat from me it must ring the bell.”

Says the mouse to another mouse inside the cage, “I trained the human. Every time I ring the bell he throws food into the cage.”

I love this joke, because it says so much about perspectives.

The lack of ability to put ourselves into the mind of others often create problems or lets us miss opportunities.

So, next time you’re creating a character, think about the mouse.

How does the world look from that character’s perspective?

The antagonist, for example, won’t see himself as antagonist, but rather of the protagonist of his “side” of the world.

It helps to train ourselves to see other points of view.

Not just for writing.

Also for marketing, selling. 

And relationship.

For everything, really.

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