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Own The Place

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Own The Place

A while ago I was working for a company (as a day job) and did some marketing stuff and other work for them.

The problem was that the offices were in a style that might have been modern several decades ago and in terms of interior design it was among the dullest and I’d ever seen.

When I was there, sometimes I felt like all the creative energy that I had was being sucked right out of me.

But that was also a good exercise in focusing on the task and not getting distracted by my surroundings.

We all have places that we like more or less to write and create. That’s normal. Some places naturally inspire us while others, well… what I mentioned above.

But it’s important to become aware that the feelings you have towards a place are only an emotional reaction and you can change that.

Circumstances are never perfect, and the more you can control your emotions towards them, the more you can leave negative feelings about the place where you’re working (or maybe have to work) aside and focus on your writing.

You need to become aware that the creating part happens in your head and is not dependent on external circumstances (or not as much as we tend to think sometimes). 

The next time when you want or need to write in a space you don’t like, try that out. Before you start, become conscious about the fact that the place is not your creativity. 

Your inspiration is not dependent on the place.

The place doesn’t change you as a person or your ideas.

You stay the same. Your work stays the same.

The place has only power over you if you let it.

If you own it, you’re the boss and the place can not hinder your inspiration.

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