Bela Lampert

Optioned Screenwriter / Yoga Instructor

The Best Writing Software

The Best Writing Software

Since I’ve begun making tutorials about software for writers, people keep asking me this:

“Bela, what’s the best writing software.”


“Should I buy this software? Is it good?”

And guess what the answer is in 100% of all those cases:

It depends.

Because a lot of people are looking for “the best this” and “the best that” but they forget that the best thing for one person might not be the best thing for another person.

Or the best thing in one situation might not be the best thing in another situation.

So, as a writer, of course there are “standard situations” if you will, that maybe all writers run into, that probably all of them need a solution for.

Like, for example, exporting files in pdf.



But apart from the most basic things, every writer I know works a little differently.

I’m part of a writer’s group and we meet up every week and talk about career tactics. So, we don’t even talk about writing that much, the focus is on career decisions.

But even when we chat about writing every now and then, every times it becomes clear to me again, that the processes are so different for everyone.

And in every stage of your writing you need different tools.

And those tools might not even involve software.

So, please stop asking me what the best software is, when you can’t provide information about that situation you are in and know what your work processes are.

Now, here comes the catch.

If you’re a fairly new writer, how would you know what your processes are because you need a bit of time to discover yourself.



And so, what are you going to do?

Well, you can do what I did, I bought almost every writing software there was on the planet (at the time), which is probably not the most costs effective way to do it.

(Although over time it has led me to doing those tutorials that I’m doing now.)

Or, you take a look at my Writer’s Territory software courses where I put all my writing software tutorials and other videos about writing processes.

That way you can see what the different software packages really can do before you spend the money.