Bela Lampert

Optioned Screenwriter / Yoga Instructor

How Did I Do That Last Time?

Happens to me all the time:

I’m in the middle of writing, and then I need one, tiny, little, seemingly unimportant function in whatever software I’m using at that point, but I can’t figure out how this works.

I did it in the past, but…. Aaarrggghhh I can’t remember how.

Funny story: In one or two of these cases it happened to me that I searched for the function that I needed online and I found a tutorial that I had made myself. I just had completely forgotten about it.

We can’t remember things that we rarely do, it’s normal.

So, when you only need the dual dialogue function once every two or three scripts, of course you’re going to have to look for that, just an example.

The problem is, these things take you out of your writing flow, and sometimes even might make you angry. I’m definitely guilty of this.

So, you go online and search for a solution and when you have it your state of mind has completely changed. You found the solution, yes, but your writing rhythm is gone and you quite some time to get back into it.

Not so with my writing software course platform. There you have a ton of little tutorial videos of just a couple of minutes, very easy to find.

No need to waste your time and creative energy googling online.

Most probably you won’t even lose your writing flow. You just look up what you need, let me explain it to you in a couple of minutes without hassle and go back to writing.

It can be that easy.