Bela Lampert

Optioned Screenwriter / Yoga Instructor

What It Takes To Become A Better Writer

I you ask any screenwriter what it takes to become good and professional, I bet you will get a whole lot of different answers.

Some will say “craft”, others “creativity”, others “connections in the industry”, and so on and so forth…

And all of the answers may be valid and true in some way.

But there is one thing many are missing.

It’s what every professional needs. Every worker in any field who wants to become professional and deliver highly skilled services or high-quality products reliably.

And that is…

Knowing your tools.

There is a whole bunch of different tools for writers, most of them are a form of software, but not all of them.

If you want to deliver professional writing on an ongoing basis, you need to know your way around your tools, otherwise they won’t help you but hinder you instead.

You need to know your processes in order to know when to use which of those tools.

You need to use them regularly in order to be “fluent” with them.

And you need to know its limitations and how to work your way around them in case something goes bad in the exact worst moment (because those things always happen in the worst possible moment).

Imagine a programmer saying, “you know, I’m not into all this tech stuff so the coding of the website is a little off.”

If you don’t like tech, don’t go into programming.

Or, imagine a plumber who doesn’t know his pipes. Would you hire them to do work?

Of course not.

It’s the same for writers.

We are professionals. And as professionals we need to make sure we now only KNOW our tools, we DOMINATE them.

If you don’t like dealing with tech, I get it. Guess what, neither do I. I’d prefer that all those techy things just magically do their witchcraft on their own and I can concentrate on throwing brilliant ideas on the page.

Well, not going to happen that way.

Writers wear many hats and sometimes that hat can be a “techy” hat when we need to figure out, how the f*** we’re going to get that software to do exactly what we want it to because we have a deadline coming up and we don’t have time for this sh**.

Tell you what, that’s exactly why I created the Writer’s Territory software courses platform. There you have all the tech help that I created in the most concise and short form that I could find.

I know you want to spend your time writing and not fixing tech problems.

The key to that knowing your tools. If you want help with that…