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Dear …

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Dear …

When you’re angry you cannot be creative. So first, you need to find your peace to get the ideas flowing.

There’s an exercise to deal with anger about other people. If you like to do it, follow each step in this email and don’t read the next steps until you have completed the current one.


1. Write a Letter to a person you’re angry about something. Write, “Dear (name of person)” and then let it all out. Don’t hold back.

2. Now you take a look at the letter and where it says “Dear (name of person)” you put in your name instead of the other person’s.

3. And now you read the letter again, but now it is addressed to you.

Anger about other people always has to do with a part in ourself that cannot let go. When you read the letter addressed to you the first time you might say, “this has nothing to do with me”.

Think about it.

Allow yourself to be honest. When this has nothing to do with you, why would you be angry about that with the other person? When we realize that something has nothing to do with ourselves we can be at peace. Because we’re not affected.

So, why are you angry?

To be really creative, you have to find your truth first and letting go of anger is a big step towards it.

How to practice letting go of anger?

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