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Optioned Screenwriter / Yoga Instructor

How Loud Are Your Thoughts?

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How Loud Are Your Thoughts?

I used to think that the harder I work the more chance on success I have.

While this thinking might not be completely off (working hard on something CAN get you to success), it is far from complete. What I was missing was to become clear that I’m writing on the RIGHT thing.

And not just on the RIGHT thing, but the RIGHT thing for ME. And also, WHY I wanted to work on that.

As in: Where is the joy in that?

Our lives have become so busy that our mind is racing constantly. We have so many things on our To Do lists that we just want to get done.

Just get the writing done for this day. The groceries. The plumber. The boss. The coworkers. The better half in our lives. The kids.

It never stops.

With a racing mind it’s hard (as in almost impossible) to become clear on what you want to do or why you want to do it. And this question doesn’t necessarily have to revolve about “what do I want to do with your life?”.

It can also be applied to writing.

Make sure you become clear on why you are fascinated about this project. Why are YOU the one to write it? Where is the joy for you? Why is this project the right one to make the next career step? …

A racing mind doesn’t give you answers, just more distraction. To find answers you need:


It’s only in stillness where you can feel connected to who you really are, where your happiness is and out of that the rest of the answers will come.

How to find stillness?

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