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Using The Name Database In Final Draft 12

Final Draft 12’s Name Database

In this lesson we’ll have a quick look at the name database of Final Draft 11. Names are a very important part of your script. Not only do you need to come up with a lot of them, they also can carry a lot of meaning and change the way your characters are perceived.

To make the search for names easier for you, Final Draft 11 includes a name database.

Go to “Tools – Name Database”.

Enter one or a few letters to give Final Draft a starting point, and then hit “Look Up”. You’ll get a whole list of different names.

Name Database Final Draft 11Once you’ve decided for a name, or a couple of them, you can add each of those names to the SmartType list so Final Draft 11 will automatically offer it to you in certain script elements. Just hit “Add to SmartType”.

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