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Bookmarks in Final Draft 12

How To Use Bookmarks In Final Draft 12

In this lesson we’ll learn how to use bookmarks so you can easily mark certain places in your script that you might want to refer to more often.

The bookmark principle is the same as in most other software packages or even with books really.

You just place the bookmark where you want it to be to find a specific place in your script quickly.

It’s really easy.

Go to the place where you want to insert your bookmark.

Then go to “Insert – Bookmark”.

Give it a name, for example “Grandmother”.

Final Draft Bookmarks - Create BookmarkNow you can jump directly to that bookmark via the “Go to” tool under Edit – Go to…

Final Draft Bookmarks - Go to BookmarkThis can be useful for example when you need to jump to certain scenes more often than others and it would take too much time to go through all the scenes every time or try to find the right place by scrolling.

You can also manage your bookmarks in case you want to change them or delete them.

To do that go to “Document – Bookmarks”. You see a list here with the bookmarks you created. You can delete them, rename them, or jump to the place they refer to, if, for example you want to make sure you’re not deleting or changing the wrong bookmark.

Final Draft Bookmarks - Manage Bookmarks

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