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How to lock Pages and Scenes for Production in Fade In

Locking Pages and Scenes in Fade In

Locking scenes is a very important process during the production and pre-production phase.

From the moment you being pre-production, the scene and page numbers of your script can’t change anymore, because otherwise there will be a lot of confusion in the production team which scenes or pages is being referred to.

In order to avoid that, the script is locked with its existing page and scene numbers.

To lock pages, go to “Production – Lock Page Numbers”. To lock scene numbers, go to “Production – Lock Scene Numbers”. Page and scene numbers must be showing in order to lock them.

Adding Additional Pages

Now, what if additional pages or scenes are added after a script is locked?

Those pages and scene will get different numbers. For example, if a page is added between page 5 and page 6, this new page will become page 5A.

Fade In Locked PagesNumbers can then be locked again, so that all additional pages also stay in their place.

You can choose to number scenes and pages manually once they’re locked, or have them be renumbered automatically.

There are several numbering modes you can use. Discuss this with your production team what kind of numbering system they want you to use, so there is no confusion about the sequence of your pages and scenes.