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How To Import Files With WriterDuet

WriterDuet Import

Let’s look at WriterDuet import functions.

If you’re just starting out and WriterDuet is the first writing program that you use you probably won’t have a lot to import, but when you are coming from other writing solutions and you already have a ton of stuff in different formats, it’s going to be very important to you getting at least some of it into WriterDuet without hassle.

Importing is very easy, there’s really nothing to it.

Let’s go through the steps really quickly and look at what file formats Writerduet can deal with.


In order to get stuff into WriterDuet, go to “File – Import”.

Then you see this box that opens up, and there you can choose, first, what kind of template inside of WriterDuet you want to use to import the content into.

WriterDuet Import TemplateThen, below that you can check whether you want to import file settings also. This is usually recommendable because it will respect the formatting of your original document where possible. But if something looks off, you can also try importing with this deactivated and see what it looks like.

On the right side you have a selection of buttons to choose the source that you’re importing from.

To import a local file from your hard drive, click “Your Computer”, or, if the file is in one of the common cloud storage locations, just choose one of the buttons below.

The program asks you if you want to replace the existing document, create a new one, or even create a new project with the imported content.

WriterDuet Import Replace DocumentYou select whatever makes sense in your situation and WriterDuet imports the file.

That’s basically it. That’s importing in WriterDuet.

File Types

As for the file types you can import, these are:

  • Final Draft (.fdx)
  • PDF
  • Celtx
  • Fountain
  • Text
  • Word
  • WriterDuet (.wdz)
  • RTF
  • JSON

Depending on from what file type you import, the result may differ a little bit once you have it inside WriterDuet, because every file type stores data a little differently and WriterDuet is doing the best it can to represent it as close as possible to the original, but you might have to do some editing here and there with some file formats.

For importing and exporting, the official recommendation from WriterDuet themselves is to use WriterDuet’s own file format, or the .fdx Final Draft format. These should maintain your formatting the best.