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Cast Report Final Draft 11

Reports In Final Draft 12

Reports In Final Draft 12

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Sometimes you as a writer or maybe the production departments needs an overview of certain script information to plan the shoot. For example, they might need a list of all the location that are needed in the movie.

For obvious reasons it’s not practical to go through the script and do a manual count.

So, Final Draft 12 gives you a variety of different reports that you can use to get a better overview, or a summary of some sort, of certain script elements.

Let’s have a look at what kinds of reports you can export from Final Draft 11.


As the name suggest, the scene report gives you a list of all your scenes. You can choose to order them either in:

Scene Report Final Draft 11
  • Script order (that’s order of appearance)
  • Alphabetical order
  • The shortest scene first
  • Or the longest scene first

Choose a font that you want to use for this report.

Now the scene report exports the following information:

  • Scene number (if available)
  • Page number
  • Length of the scene in eighths
  • And number of times a character appears


The location report gives you a list with additional information of your locations. You can choose to order after:

Location Report Final Draft 11
  • Script order, that shows you which location appears on which script page
  • Alphabetical order, that shows you where on which page each location appears as an exterior or an interior location
  • Most occurrences
  • Least occurrences
  • Scene intro, that gives you all exterior locations, all interior locations, and all other locations
  • Or after time of day, this sorts your locations after day, night, or other time of day specifiers.


To export a character report for a certain character choose one of the characters first, then select or deselect if you want scene headings, dialogue, and/or arc beats displayed.

Character Report Final Draft 11

Change the font if you like to.

This report then shows you the scenes of this character with the corresponding lines and if this character has monologues of more than 100 words.


The cast report gives you statistics about each of your characters:

Cast Report Final Draft 11
  • Number of scenes with lines
  • Without lines
  • Appearances
  • And how many dialogues this character has


The script report function lets you basically export a script but you can choose which of the elements you want to export.

Script Report Final Draft 11

If you were to export all the script elements here you’d basically get a “normal” script export so to speak, apart from the header and the footer.

So, you could, for example choose to export a script version with or without camera shots or transitions, or with or without any other script element.

You can also choose whether you want to export this as a script document with the usual screenplay formatting, or as a regular text document. If you choose “Text Document”, Final Draft 12 will export all the elements flush left.


The ScriptNote Report lets you export your Notes, in case you want to have them in a separate document.

Scriptnotes Report Final Draft 11

Again, you can choose the order in which you want Final Draft 11 to export the Information:

  • Script order
  • Name of the ScriptNote
  • ScriptNote type
  • Scene number (if available)
  • Page
  • Date Created
  • And Date modified

Final Draft 12 then creates an overview of all the notes including all the information you select or deselect above. You can also choose to include certain ScriptNote types while excluding others.


The statistics Report gives you general statistics about your whole script.

Statistics Report Final Draft 11

You to include or exclude

  • Character Statistics
  • Scene Statistics
  • Profanity Statistic

What you get is a statistical overview, how often you’ve used certain script elements, how many scenes each character has, how often they speak, who they interact with, and so on and so forth.

And, Final Draft 12 will list all the swear words and profanity you use in your script and give you statistics on that too.