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Adding Your Own Fonts In Fade In

Fade In Fonts Management

In this article, I’m going to show you what types of fonts Fade In offers and where you can get additional ones.

Theoretically you can use whatever font you like for your screenplay, but the standard is 12 point in height and some variant on the Courier Font available, for example 12 point Courier New.

I have to say my personal favorite is Courier Prime, created by screenwriter John August, because it’s a much nicer read than Courier New or other alternatives out there.

You can download it from the Fade In website at Go to the “Download” section and under “Extras” they’re offering Courier Prime as well as Courier Screenplay.

Just pick the one that suits your taste and use that one.

Also, they provide you with instructions on how to install the fonts you downloaded. The process is a little different, depending on which operating system you use.