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Automatic Backup and other General Preferences in Fade In

Automatic Backup and other General Preferences in Fade In

Fade In General Preferences

In this article I’ll show you the general preferences of Fade In that may help you speed up your writing workflow or avoid losing your precious work in case of a data crash.

To open the general preferences go to “Fade In – Preferences”.

Fade In general preferencesCreate New document at startup

If this is checked, Fade In will create a new blank document when you fire it up. Otherwise, it won’t open any file at all.

Reopen last document

Choose this option if you want Fade In to open your last active document. This can be useful if you’re working on one project over a longer period of time.

Remember editing position

Here you can check whether you want to open your document at the same position where you left it when you used it last.

Automatically back up every

Set the time intervals here for automatic backups. Depending on what system you’re working on you’ll find the autosave folder in a different location:

Windows: C:\Documents and Settings<UserName>\Application Data\Fade In (XP and earlier) or C:\Users<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\Fade In (Vista/Windows 7 and later)

Mac OS X: /Users//Library/Application Support/Fade In Linux: ~/.fadein

Recent documents to remember

Choose the number of documents you want Fade In to remember when you go to “File – Open Recent”

Units of measurement

You can choose what units of measurements you would like to use for your margins, pages sizes and more.

Default font for new documents

Select which font you want Fade In to use as the default font for new documents. There are several Courier-family fonts that you can choose. If you’re missing the one you prefer, you can download more of them from the Download section of the Fade In website.

Default language for new documents

Select which dictionary you would like to use for new documents. You can download additional dictionaries from third party sources you like.