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How To Split And Merge Documents In Scrivener

Scrivener Splitting and Merging

Since in Scrivener you will be most likely be working with several different documents out of which you will creat your final output, you will run into a situation where you will want to join two documents together or you might want to split one document into two or more.

So, let’s look at how to do that.

Split Document

If you decide that you want to create two documents out of one, that’s also very easy to do. Just place the cursor at the point where you want to split the document into two, and then go to “Documents – Split – At Selection”. This will break the current document into two pieces so to speak, at the point of your cursor.

What you can also do, if for example you have a heading in a document and you want to split the document at that heading and you already know that you want the heading as the title of the new document, you can select the heading, and then go to “Documents – Split – With Selection As Title”.

Scrivener will now split the document into parts at the heading, and will use the heading as the title of the newly created document.

Join Documents

If you want to join, or merge two documents together, you just select the two documents that you want to join, and go to “Documents – Merge”. Scrivener now creates one cohesive document out of the two that we had before. Just be aware that you lose the title and maybe also other metadata of the second of those documents. But we will have a look at metadata in another article, so you will know how to deal with that.