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How To Use Highland’s Scratchpad For In-Project Notes

Highland Scratchpad

In this article we are going to take a look at the last tab in the Highland sidebar, which is the scratchpad.

Click on the right-most icon in the sidebar, the one that shows the “page” icon.

Highland ScratchpadThe scratchpad is basically just a notepad.

It’s as if you were having a notepad right next to your keyboard, and every time you need to take down something that is related to your document, but that you don’t want to have inside your document, you just take a pen and write it down on the notepad.

The scratchpad does the exact same thing, just within your Highland file, so your notes are saved together with your main document.

In case you want to separate the two, for example when you want to export your notes as a pdf or in another text format, you can create an extra Highland document from these notes.

Just click on the “export” button at the bottom of the scratchpad, and Highland will open the content of the scratchpad in an extra document, which you can now save, change, or export.