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How To Create Page Numbers In Highland (Headers, Footers)

Highland Headers, Footers, Page Numbers

Let’s look at how to create page numbers in Highland.

The function that we are using to create page numbers is the “Header” function that allows you to place certain information at the top of the page.

Headers and footers work the same way in Highland, so everything that we do with headers, should work with footers the same way.

Insert Headers and Footers

To insert a header or footer into your Highland document, go to “Format – Insert Header” (or “Footer”).

Highland then places the necessary syntax in your document, which is these two curly braces and the word “HEADER:” inside of it.

Highland Header SyntaxThen, after the colon you can place the content that you want to appear in the header.

And for this, you can use just simple text, as well as placeholders for certain types of information, for example page numbers.

Anything that you write after the colon will appear in the header the way you write it, and instead of writing the page number, you put “%p”, which will be replaced by the current page number when Highland compiles the document.

So, if you’re a screenwriter, and you want to see the page number, the way it is usually done is you have the page number, represented by the placeholder here, and then after the page number you put a “.” (Dot) sign.

If you go to the page preview now you see that Highland puts the page number on the page, followed by the dot.

The problem with this is, if you put the header on the first page, it will also show you the page number on the first page, something that is not common in screenplays.

The solution for this is, you just put the header on the second page, and that way, Highland will continue to display the header from that page on. So there is no page number on the first page, but on all subsequent pages there is.

Apart from the page number, there are a few other types of information that you can add here, for example, you could also display the total number of pages, or you could force a certain page number if you want.

The way it works is always the same, if you want to use other placeholders and function, go to this link to the Highland Knowledge Base, and there you can see examples of other, less common use cases.

Highland Knowledge Base Headers and Footers: