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Blogging With Highland – Export To HTML

Blogging With Highland – Export To HTML

Highland HTML Export

In case you want to use Highland for blogging, here’s a tip for you.

Because if you take a look at the export formats, you don’t find anything that is really useful to go directly to your blog. Maybe the best option would be to export in the “markdown” format in case your blog editor supports this.

But there is a better option.

Copy as HTML

What you can do is, you select the text that you want to appear on your blog, and then you go to “Edit – Copy as HTML”.

Now you can paste this directly into the html editor of your blog system.

To take a look at what Highland is doing there exactly, let’s examine the result in an online html viewer.

If you take a look at the html code you see that Highland is just adding the paragraph tags. In the case of a screenplay there isn’t really much else because you don’t have hierarchies of headlines.

Highland Screenplay copy to htmlBut if you write an article for example, and make use headline definitions with one or more hash symbols, these get converted to html as headline 1, headline 2 and so on.

Highland Article copy to htmlSo, this is a very quick and simple way to get from a text document to html code, in case that is something that you need to do on a regular basis.