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Final Draft Watermarking

Watermarking In Final Draft 12

Watermarking In Final Draft 12

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In this lesson we’ll look at how to assign a watermark to a script when you print it or pdf it.

Sometimes you want to give a script a watermark before you hand it to someone either to personalize script versions, or to differentiate between different versions.

That’s what the watermark function is for.

It’s really easy.

Go to “Document – Watermark”. You just enter the text you want to use as Watermark in the box that pops up.

Watermark Final Draft 11

That’s it. Now if you pdf or print the script that Watermark will be written across every page.

Watermark Print Preview Final Draft 11

If you want to get rid of the Watermark again just open the Watermark box again via “Document – Watermark” and delete the text and it’s gone again.